DCIM: get to know your data center inside-out

DCIM isn’t just another fancy acronym we’ve added to our list of service offerings. We consider Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) to be the single most effective way to successfully manage capacity and available resources – for both today’s needs and those of the future.

DCIM is of vital importance to your business

Before the introduction of DCIM, allocating space for a new server was a painstakingly time-consuming task, often requiring a visit to the data center. Once installed, keeping track of every server, switch and network connection either depended on an employee’s good memory or a static list in a spreadsheet. As data center managers realize DCIM’s vital importance to the business, and understand it provides an accurate real-time overview of a dynamic environment, adaptation levels are slowly on the rise.

In short, DCIM offers a solution to monitor, measure and report both energy consumption and cooling effectiveness. At the same time, it allows an organization to keep track of capacity and power availability, storage and network connectivity. Although IT and facility departments may look at data center performance from different angles, they both have the same objective in mind: to offer the best possible service at the lowest cost. DCIM allows them to go beyond the goal of simply running a data center.

The introduction of DCIM calls for a long-term approach

It all starts with a solid business case based on a broad strategic scope, with the objective to:

  1. improve asset life cycle management, hence efficiency from an operational standpoint
  2. monitor energy consumption with the intention of discovering opportunities to reduce cost
  3. create an in-depth view on data center layout and performance
  4. enable reporting (past), monitoring (present) and forecasting (future)
  5. extend the data center’s overall life cycle (by keeping track of any moves, additions or changes over time)
  6. enable information to be shared from a single, well-documented source
  7. create common understanding through visibility of key performance indicators
  8. produce periodic executive reports (that upper management can rely on for key business decisions)

Simac’s proven expertise, flexibility and creativity are key to the success of any organization. We have established working relationships with various DCIM solution providers. Our references include large-scale deployments. Firmly rooted in the Benelux, we highlight our experience in data center fit out and our ability to fully understand your business processes. Thus, Simac’s proposition is truly unique within a landscape where few integrators offer similar services.

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