Keeping your data center up and running

Floor management is the art of outsourcing a well-defined part of your business processes to a third party, with clearly described interfaces, at an agreed price. A set of constantly monitored variables (Key Performance Indicators) show whether the service is on track with respect to its objectives. The client remains both owner of the operations and the systems that are being managed, while the service provider may be bound by a service level agreement. This SLA defines customer expectations, such as the timely resolution of reported problems and the execution of change requests.

Being part of the client’s organization itself, puts our experts in a privileged position. From this perspective, Simac is able to correlate effective demand with the capacity at hand. Should additional investments be appropriate from our expert’s view, then acceptance of the topic may be higher when raised by an external consultant. In the end, discussing growth to keep availability in line with actual demand from an early stage, allows the owner to include it in the budget ahead of time.

Floor management services that fit your needs

The floor management services offered by Simac can range from ‘limited’ for a single service aspect, to ‘extensive’, all-encompassing day-to-day operations management. However, as the level of service rendered by Simac becomes more wide-ranging, the client’s ability to cope with the ever-growing complexity of data center management will increase, to his benefit.

Depending on the type of agreement established with the customer, our floor management experts will assimilate the daily operations of your data center, within the boundaries of the agreement. Through these activities, we aim to take your data center to the next level in its life cycle. Simac is there to ensure your data center keeps moving forward and stays on schedule. 


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Keeping your data center up and running
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