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When discussing data center design, the devil is in the details. Simac offers consultancy services to guide your company through the maze of planning a data center build. Rather than approaching the client with a pre-designed set of solutions, we offer a ‘clean sheet’ approach. After carefully listening to your needs, we determine which design best fits the building layout and take a flexible position to revise our solutions in response to your feedback.

A conceptual outline will lay the foundation for a physical implementation, warranting operational flexibility, redundancy and ample spare capacity. We realize a data center must be allowed to grow over time. In our design philosophy, this happens within the boundaries of a ‘final design’.

Simac offers a solution that addresses both immediate and future needs

We make sure to align our advice with the logical architecture and the physical network, as envisioned by the network design team. Key players from the facility team also share their views, opportunities and restrictions. After consolidating the acquired information, with due consideration for the physical constraints and the budgetary realities, we work out a functional design which is ‘fit for purpose’. 

In other words, we believe that a data center must be designed to assure availability and connectivity in the long run. Over time, demand may increase, and technologies will evolve. For this reason, the design must be flexible enough to easily expand data center capacity, while also capable of catering to higher bandwidths (i.e. with OM5 or CAT8) when appropriate. 

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Data center design
When discussing data center design, the devil is in the details. Tap into our experience and meet our experts.
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