05 July 2018

5 recommendations for selecting the right DCIM integration partner

Using DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) tools can offer significant advantages to professionals managing today’s complex IT operations. These solutions allow you to monitor, manage and control your data center utilization and visualize the energy consumption levels of all IT-related equipment and facility infrastructure components.

Before a company decides to implement DCIM, selecting a software suite will most likely get the highest priority. However, it is extremely important to keep in mind that the software alone doesn’t warranta successful rollout of DCIM.

To get the most out of your DCIM software suite, it is essential to team up with the right partner who can assist you on various levels that go beyond implementation of your software solution.

Here are my recommendations for companies seeking a vendor to deploy DCIM within their organization. Select a partner:

-        who is able to fit DCIM into a broader strategic scope. One that understands how DCIM can enable your business to perform better by getting to know your company’s processes inside- out.

-        who has extensive experience in data center design, fit out, audit and operation. Data centers are a complex and constantly evolving business, so you’ll need a partner who understands the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities.

-        who is vendor independent, allowing them to point out not only a solution’s strengths, but also its weaknesses. This will help you select the best possible tool in line with your company’s requirements.

-        who is willing to commit to a long-term relationship, rather than a quick sale. A partner who values customer-oriented, long-term relationships is more likely to invest the time to help build an entire DCIM project from the ground up.

-        who can provide you with a clear road map for implementation, fitting both your current and future needs.  

This chosen partner’s expertise, flexibility and creativity are key ingredients for a successful project, complemented by his proximity and capacity to fully understand the company’s business processes and subsequent DCIM needs.

The number of DCIM service providers is growing steadily, and the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Along with this trend, there is a growing need for (a) advice on how to select the right DCIM integration partner, and (b) adopting the best strategy to successfully implement and deploy DCIM. To better understand how DCIM can help you achieve a cost-effective data center and which steps to take to ensure a successful implementation, read Simac’s whitepaper on getting the most out of DCIM.

Andy Vanbrabant
Andy Vanbrabant

Andy Vanbrabant is Director of the Cabling & Infrastrcture division at Simac ICT Belgium.

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5 recommendations for selecting the right DCIM integration partner